Are you in control?

Organizations are increasingly depending on information and supporting IT systems. Most companies document and implement adequate procedures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information and IT systems.

The main question is: are all procedures effective on all critical systems?

There is only one way to know for sure: measure your performance and check if you're complying with your procedures.

Dexlab is specialized in measuring IT security. We offer services that give you a detailed insight, based on technical findings.

About us

Dexlab was founded in 2008 by Jeroen van Beek and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Academic qualifications and international certification programs give us the theoretical knowledge. A 'Big Four' background gives us years of valuable experience, working for Fortune 500 companies around the globe. A solid track record and presentations at the world's premier technical security conference shows what we can do in the field.

IT Security Testing

Dexlab is specialized in security testing ('penetration testing'). This includes PCI DSS penetration testing, security testing of mobile apps, Identity and Access Management environments, RFID / NFC applications including ePassports, critical (web)applications and corporate networks. You'll reveieve a no-nonsense report that includes the factual technical findings, business risks and an executive summary.

Training & Education

Dexlab is a frequent speaker at security conferences, offers hands-on hacking trainings and works for several Dutch Universities.

Research & Tools

  • Crapto1gui is a Windows implementation of the crapto1 tool, allowing you to crack crypto-1 Mifare Classic keys.
  • The epassport_emulator is an ePassport / eID emulator for JavaCard. It implements functionality as described in ICAO Doc 9303. Additionally it implements functionality to write files and key data to the emulator.
  • eCL0WN ( Symbian / Android Google Play or APK ) is an ePassport utility for NFC-enabled phones that allows you to read and clone your ePassport's chip content.

In the media

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Presentation slides.

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TV documentary about privacy issues (Dutch).